Stockholm Tantogården 2008

This poster was designed and created by Erik Danielsson of Watain to commemorate not only The Devil's Blood first ever Ritual on Swedish soil but also the growing strength and enduring character of certain bonds between The Devil's Blood and Watain. Also we were fortunate enough to have met some new brothers that day in the form of Saturnalia Temple. Sold at the venue the night of the ritual some copies were left over and were taken back to the Temple of The Devil's Blood.

All of them wear small scuff marks which can be attributed to 4 years of being placed about Holy ground, while TDB were preparing and perfecting both The Time of no Time Evermore and The Thousandfold Epicentre, becoming in fact relics that hold energies not only attributed to the creative aspects of Death, Satan and Chaos that TDB invoke in order to create their works but also the lingering essence of the presence that was invoked that very auspicious and powerful Saturnalia night, Saturday the 13th of December 2008.

We have made these available to you now, not only to close this chapter in our existence but also to allow its taint to creep and ooze its way into the world at large. Place it in a black or silver/white frame on the South wall of your temple accompanied by a black, a red and a violet candle.

3-colour screen print / Size: 99,5 x 47,5 cm.

Price: € 100,00

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